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Where you are today did not happen by chance, luck, or planning. It was simply your daily habits... Change your habits, change your life


Your Skill + My Training = A Changed Life

What if I told you that you have a skillset or talent that will allow you to make $100 in the next 7 days without having to learn anything new. Literally, using the knowledge you have right now to make additional income would you take the challenge? 

Meet Xavier

For over 20 years Xavier Johnson has served as an entrepreneur and corporate executive, learning the secrets of creating healthy and sustainable businesses, while building a strong culture of leadership, compassion, and growth.  He is gifted at training and instruction within the areas of Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Personal Growth.  He can often be heard during his speeches saying “an organization is only as strong as its weakest leader.” Xavier has assisted organizations to level up their current training programs and created leadership development programs personalized for companies all over the country.

He is also the executive producer of Becoming Legendary, his podcast gives marketing, leadership, business start-up tips, as well as other topics to assist entrepreneurs and leaders operate at a legendary level so that they will maximize their influence and impact throughout their communities and the world.

Everyone has the potential for greatness. It boils down to choice. What choice will you make today?



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