3 tips on having difficult conversations.


This holiday season I know will be one for the ages. I also know that conversations will be had that will be laced with fire. Here's some ideas that could help.


Hey, guys, this is Xavier. Listen, we are steadily approaching this holiday season, getting ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas, and I wanted to shoot you a quick video to kind of help you get through some tough conversations this holiday season.

And whether it's political or it doesn't necessarily matter what you're discussing, there's always some sort of argument that comes up every single holiday, right?

Every time a family gets together. So I want to give you some tools that you can use this holiday season in all of your conversations. So let's get started. Number one, this is important, guys. You have to check your emotions at the door. Got to check your emotions at the door. If you're not going to check your emotions at the door, there's no reasonable conversation that can be had. The very idea that you're...

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The ONE thing I didn't learn in college


In this post, Xavier discusses the one MAJOR idea that wasn't taught in college, that he credits his success in business and leadership to. This principle has allowed Xavier to open over 20 Entrepreneurial endeavors over the last two decades as well as train other indivuals to start and grow their businesses.



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How to start a business in 2019. Fast and Simple


How to: Start a business in 2019! In this video, Xavier explains how to get started and what are the 3 areas you should be thinking about to get started with your next business venture.

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How to start anything (3 steps to get you off your a#%)



Most people don’t have an idea problem they have a STARTING problem. This week Xavier discusses a straightforward 3 step process to getting started with the things you need to get done in life. Follow these steps, and you'll have a better chance of getting started with the items you need to accomplish in your life.

  • Understand WHERE you are failing regarding getting started with your project. Most people know EXACTLY what needs to be done but haven't taken the time to think through the WHY as it relates to them not starting
  • When creating smaller goals to get a task completed be honest and realistic about your ability to complete the work. When attempting to start something new, you need a WIN. Set smaller goals that are easily achievable.
  • If you're in my tribe and dedicated to being the best version of yourself. When you post something new about your life or business use #BuiltForThis 


During the video, Xavier offered to give you the Cocuco Method for free....

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Leading Through Loss

death leadership loss Sep 26, 2018



This post covers the reality of having to lead during a loss. Examples could be the loss of an experienced by a loved one, an employee, or yourself as the leader. These experiences bring a level of uncertainty and stress the following are some considerations that can assist in navigating these situations:


1. Allow time for the person to grieve. The importance of this step cannot be stressed enough. Allowing time to experience the world wind of emotions that accompanies losing someone establishes that you understand and care as the leader.


2. Set clear expectations about what's expected - When the individual returns to work, school, "normalcy" set clear expectations of what you'd like to see as the leader. It's imperative that you make it know FIRST that you understand the grieving process is not over and that it's okay to take a break when needed. Just communicate with leadership when the moment arises.


3. Set goals that speak the legacy of the...

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What your business is missing out on RIGHT NOW




This episode covers Marketing Calendars. Here are some highlights from the training:

  • Your marketing should be specific to the season/time of year/ major holidays.
  • If you haven’t changed your marketing material in the last 3-6 months your customers and potential customers have literally become blind to it.
  • Educate customers about your product/service in a manner that corresponds with the seasonal mindset
  • Take 30 mins to 1 hr and complete your marketing calendar for the next 12 months. I’ve provided a FREE download template, download it here -----> Marketing Calendar



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  • Do you already have a business? Do you know...
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3 Truths about fear




This episode is about facing the monster in the closet. So first the obvious. Being afraid is NATURAL and NORMAL. In our culture fear has always been seen as a sign of weakness and instability. The truth is that fear, properly understood and managed, can excel you to carry out your life’s mission.

This episode covers the reality of dealing with fear. Here are some highlights from the training:

  • Living life with a lack of fear can cause carelessness about your daily habits and decisions
  • Managed Fear can thrust you into your destiny. Fear causes you to consider the consequences of getting it wrong
  • Most people think that the fear is actually failing, its actually something COMPLETELY different. Watch the full training above to see what the real fear is for most people
  • If you’re a fan of my material and find that you’re assisted by it use #BuiltForThis when you post about your life and how you’re overcoming life’s obstacles

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