Leading Through Loss

death leadership loss Sep 26, 2018



This post covers the reality of having to lead during a loss. Examples could be the loss of an experienced by a loved one, an employee, or yourself as the leader. These experiences bring a level of uncertainty and stress the following are some considerations that can assist in navigating these situations:


1. Allow time for the person to grieve. The importance of this step cannot be stressed enough. Allowing time to experience the world wind of emotions that accompanies losing someone establishes that you understand and care as the leader.


2. Set clear expectations about what's expected - When the individual returns to work, school, "normalcy" set clear expectations of what you'd like to see as the leader. It's imperative that you make it know FIRST that you understand the grieving process is not over and that it's okay to take a break when needed. Just communicate with leadership when the moment arises.


3. Set goals that speak the legacy of the person loss. This will vary from person to person and definitely be guided by your companies guidelines regarding this conversation. Have an open ear when needed, but be clear about the boundaries of the relationship. If the individual is a family member or friend ensure that clear goals are set and review them often as the grieving process is more of a journey than a short race to the finish.


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