3 tips on having difficult conversations.


This holiday season I know will be one for the ages. I also know that conversations will be had that will be laced with fire. Here's some ideas that could help.


Hey, guys, this is Xavier. Listen, we are steadily approaching this holiday season, getting ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas, and I wanted to shoot you a quick video to kind of help you get through some tough conversations this holiday season.

And whether it's political or it doesn't necessarily matter what you're discussing, there's always some sort of argument that comes up every single holiday, right?

Every time a family gets together. So I want to give you some tools that you can use this holiday season in all of your conversations. So let's get started. Number one, this is important, guys. You have to check your emotions at the door. Got to check your emotions at the door. If you're not going to check your emotions at the door, there's no reasonable conversation that can be had. The very idea that you're...

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