3 Truths about fear




This episode is about facing the monster in the closet. So first the obvious. Being afraid is NATURAL and NORMAL. In our culture fear has always been seen as a sign of weakness and instability. The truth is that fear, properly understood and managed, can excel you to carry out your life’s mission.

This episode covers the reality of dealing with fear. Here are some highlights from the training:

  • Living life with a lack of fear can cause carelessness about your daily habits and decisions
  • Managed Fear can thrust you into your destiny. Fear causes you to consider the consequences of getting it wrong
  • Most people think that the fear is actually failing, its actually something COMPLETELY different. Watch the full training above to see what the real fear is for most people
  • If you’re a fan of my material and find that you’re assisted by it use #BuiltForThis when you post about your life and how you’re overcoming life’s obstacles

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