How to start anything (3 steps to get you off your a#%)



Most people don’t have an idea problem they have a STARTING problem. This week Xavier discusses a straightforward 3 step process to getting started with the things you need to get done in life. Follow these steps, and you'll have a better chance of getting started with the items you need to accomplish in your life.

  • Understand WHERE you are failing regarding getting started with your project. Most people know EXACTLY what needs to be done but haven't taken the time to think through the WHY as it relates to them not starting
  • When creating smaller goals to get a task completed be honest and realistic about your ability to complete the work. When attempting to start something new, you need a WIN. Set smaller goals that are easily achievable.
  • If you're in my tribe and dedicated to being the best version of yourself. When you post something new about your life or business use #BuiltForThis 


During the video, Xavier offered to give you the Cocuco Method for free....

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