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After tragically losing both of his parents two years apart before leaving elementary school, Xavier was unsure of what his future held. As he grew older teachers, community leaders, his grandmother and other family members always encouraged him and told him he was destined for greatness. He began to think differently and would seek out adventures in his community by running errands for the elderly. One day a friend of his grandmother’s asked if he would ride his bike and pick her up something from the grocery store. When he returned, she gave him a dollar. This single dollar would establish a precedent that would span three decades.

Entrepreneurship became a way of life for Xavier and at age 15, purchased his first car. The problem that Xavier had was not his ability to make money it was his ability to keep, the ability to be a leader of himself. Becoming an avid reader, he loved learning and began reading about entrepreneurship and leadership as a freshman in high school. Throughout high school and college Xavier had the opportunity to experience leadership within the workplace, within the church, as well as within his community.

Pictured L-R, Elizabeth, Cj, Travis, Jamez (Ja-Mez) Not pictured: Mercedes

At the pinnacle of his career Xavier has served at the executive level managing colleges at a national level. During this time he has continued his entrepreneurial endeavors through multiple businesses and ventures. But he will always tell you that his greatest creation and strongest love is for his children. If you follow Xavier on social media you will either see him hanging out with his sons on day’s daughters.

Core belief

Xavier believes that every person has a core skill set or talent that can be monetized for an entrepreneurial endeavor. Over the last two decades he has encouraged and guided individuals and not only creating additional streams of income with their skill sets and talents but to also turn those skill sets into full-time businesses.


Xavier has launched over 10 companies over the last 20 years that have collectively soared past $2 million in revenue. He understands the principle of timing and market interruption. His framework is simple, he desires to create businesses that are the employer of choice in their industry, the product or service of choice, and the investment choice. Through his trainings Xavier will talk about the ideas of creating a viable business from scratch. He will focus on the financial health of your business, employee and customer satisfaction of the business, and the quality of products and services.

The corporate life

his experience in corporate America has given Xavier a distinctive view and vantage point that his clients and customers appreciate at the highest levels. For managing restaurants to managing multiple colleges nationwide and overseeing a $70 million budget. His dedication to excellence at all levels thrust him into executive positions in a very early age. Understanding how to make the tough decisions and growing as a leader over the years has afforded Xavier the opportunity to be called upon by several Fortune 500 companies for his expertise in forecasting, strategic development, and leadership training.


Xavier’s true passion is speaking and training. As savior began speaking publicly at age 15 his innate ability to capture an audience and connect at a deeper level with those seeking to grow in the areas of leadership, entrepreneurship, and business, and personal growth. Click here if you are interested in having Xavier speak at one of your events.

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